Iron Heroes Core Rules DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

It is not the sword, but the arm that wields it…
A Variant 3.5 Edition Player’s Handbook by Mike Mearls and Adam Windsor
This exciting game of heroic combat action is for skilled heroes who have no need for magic swords or arcane trinkets. Armed with their cunning, talent, and unmatched bravery, they wade sword first into a savage world of high-octane adventure. Iron Heroes, a variant player’s handbook, provides 10 new core classes, expanded feat and skill systems, new combat options like stunts and challenges, character traits, the innovative token system, a new magic paradigm, and much more.

Modifications to the core 3.5 system allow for high-adventure gaming where a character’s talents, not his possessions, determine his abilities. Expansions to the core skill and feat subsystems allow for intriguing new tactics and exciting, cinematic battles. This exciting new game draws in both players looking for a new fantasy roleplaying game and those who want useful new rules for their d20 games. This complete handbook for players includes guidelines for incorporating its new rules and options into d20 games.

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