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Movie Inspiration #4: The Matrix: Haters still Hate?

The Matrix: Haters still Hate?

By @Todd Secord

My history with The Matrix has always been a weird one. Back in 1999 I didn’t find the original particularly inspiring. I even remember being mad when it took best special effects at the Oscars. That year was also the Phantom Menace, and although you had a very shitty movie, the 2000 special effects shots it mustered, at the time, was an outstanding feat of movie making.

matrix vs star wars

Right after this moment is when the hope for an awesome Star Wars Prequel began to fade…

I mean, The Matrix’s slow-mo thingy was interesting, and later paved the way for Zach Snyder to use it and never give it back, but the Wachowskis’ film left me wondering what all the fuss was about.  Later, when the sequels came out I was indifferent to see them, somehow dismissing their merits because all of sudden so was everyone else. In fact, so complete was my disdain that I was verbally writing the films off to other people without actually having seen them. A big no-no for my personal nerd code, or maybe that was a dark time for me…maybe not a great year personally…and thus I was sufficiently distracted and pissy as to forget the wonder of nerdery for a time…

Matrix, Morpheus, Sword

Who needs a light saber when you have a katana? So friggin’ badass.