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Fiery Dragon Productions is a Toronto-based game publisher, producing material for tabletop roleplaying games (Game Aids, Adventures, and Accessories) as well as mini-games (portable boardgames under The Counter Strike line). Our current product listing features a variety of fantasy adventures and accessories for the d20 System , as well as our Counter Strike mini-games and the 7th edition of Tunnels & Trolls.

Many of our products are available both in hardcopy and electronic (PDF) format from this site (see Product List) or from our e-book partner, www.drivethrurpg.com

To learn more about our history with counter products, as well as methods for using and working with counters, read this series of Counter Culture articles by Todd Secord:

Counter Culture 2009 Part 1
Counter Culture 2009 Part 2
Counter Culture 2009 Part 3

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