Happy Holidays from the Fiery Dragon Family – 2013 Edition

Happy Holidays from the Fiery Dragon Family – 2013 Edition

WOW! Is it that time already? So be it…


SALUTATIONS FRIENDS, from all of us at Fiery Dragon – JK, James and Todd.  At this special time of year we always enjoy extending a Happy Holidays to all our friends, family and fans – which, all 3 don’t really need to be categorized but this is the internet and the internet enjoys lists, so read on!

Top 12 Christmas Thoughts Fiery Dragon is Having Right Now!

12. “Season 1 of Justified is awesome.”

11.  ” Joyeux Noel to our extended FDP family of Scott, John, and Claudio!” Cheers to your families and friends!

10. “Does Santa play X-Wing minis? And if so, how many Tie Advanced is unreasonable to ask for?”

9. “Prost to Steve, Rich, Stewart, Aaron and the rest of the gang.”  We see you once a year, but we think of you throughout. All the best to you and yours.

8. “Naughty Miss Santa Costume?…*click*…Christmas cosplay confirmed.”

7. “You have reservations at Ruth Chris and you’re buying? No can do I’m afraid! I’m too busy working on Freeport!” And a Seasons greetings to Chris and Nik and the talented group that is working with us via Green Ronin!

6. “All you have to do is hobbit it up!”

5. “Podcastin’ baby, podcastin’!” Lots of fun this year with our alter ego @NerdTangent!


Don't forget our buddy rob Elliot's game Grow Garden Grow on your Christmas Wish Lists!

Don’t forget our buddy Rob Elliot’s game Grow Garden Grow on your Christmas wish lists!

4. “Feliz Navidad to Monte and Shanna!” And all the peeps at Monte Cook Games!

3. “Does any of my presents have the word “PS4″ in  it?”

2. “Watch a Peanuts Christmas.” Can’t have a year without something Peanuts…

…and the #1 thought this 2013 by Fiery Dragon?

1. “Pass the Christmas Tequila.”

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