Fiery Dragon: Gen Con Update!

Fiery Dragon: Gen Con Update!

By Todd Secord

Hello everyone!

Fiery Dragon has survived another Gen Con! As is always the case, it was great to see all the amazing people that we have the honour to call friends every year. A special thank you for an awesome time from our buds at Green Ronin Publishing, Drive ThruRpg, Onyx Path Publishing, and Monte Cook Games, as well as to each and every other friend that we shared a handshake and a laugh with. You all never let us crazy gaming Canucks down! First off, it was great to see Chris, Nicole and Hal from Green Ronin to discuss the progress of Freeport: City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. It’s pretty exciting to be working with them to be sure. And just as exciting was to see the cover art for the project at Wayne Reynolds‘ booth. It’s hard not to be a fan of Wayne. His dynamic style and tremendous sense of detail has become the face of fantasy art as we presently know it. Just a fantastic image and very inspiring. Cheers to Green Ronin and Wayne!

Sushi, me hearties?

  So inspiring in fact, that I basically did the same thing to our DM, Scott Holden whilst gaming one late Saturday evening/morning….although, Scott’s fins are likely not as sharp…

Lost in the world of…Bakshi Rotoscope?

Time to get yer cypher on!

 Oh yes, there was a lot of gaming. We did our D&D fix, but we also worked in a X-Wing Minis game, Cards Against Humanity, Love Letter, and a con favourite Flashpoint. All get high marks for fun and intensity, but it must be said that we have yet to beat Flash Point on the super heroic never ending hazmat explosions level after many, many tries at GenCon. Thanks to Rich, Scott, Steve, Matt and all the gang at Onyx and DriveThru RPG. Tons o’ Fun!

Also, drinking…

 Last but certainly not least, it was fantastic to see our good buddy Rob Elliott bring his family themed game, Grow Garden Grow to the Con. On Friday night he showcased his prototype at the “Publisher Speed Dating” seminar which was an excellent experience to witness. Rob did great and we think he’s got a winner here!

Family dice game for 2 to 6 players!

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