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Medallions – The Next Step

The latest products from Fiery Dragon Productions can be found in our new Medallion line.  A step-up from our cardstock counters, the medallions are versatile game tokens that help out with tactical tabletop play.


Back in Stock, and Bringing Friends

Look what’s back in stock… and with some new friends!


Fiery Dragon’s best-selling Counter Collection: Heroic 1 is now back in stock and available to order. And, for the first time, Counter Collections Heroic 3, Paragon 2, Paragon 3 and Epic 2 are available to order. Bring your game to life with Fiery Dragon’s Counter Collection series of Tabletop RPG Deluxe Accessories

GenCon Photo Parade

GenCon 2010 was a success, in that we made it there and back in one piece (a feat that may have been in doubt a few times…)

With minimal comment, here are some photos from the con.IMG 0018


GenCon Anticipation Part A

GENCON: The Best 4 Days in Gaming

Though I have friends who went to GenCon in our early teenage years, my first GenCon was in 2000, the year that Fiery Dragon started up. I’d known about the show for decades, reading about it in Dragon Magazine and hearing stories online, but actually experiencing it was something else. That first year was mind-blowing: we weren’t exhibiting at the convention, we were there as attendees and fans, who also happened to be networking to find a distribution deal for our soon-to-be released d20 products. Ah, the early enthusiastic years of the d20 movement. Fun times.

This year we’re trying that again: Fiery Dragon won’t be exhibiting at GenCon in 2010, but Todd and I will be there as attendees, checking out the Great Hall, playing some games, and hanging out with all the great friends we’ve made over the past decade. Since we won’t be driven by a shift-schedule or anchored to a booth, we’ve got a real chance to explore the Exhibit Hall at our own pace (rather than a hurried half hour break), and here (alphabetically) are some things I’m interested in seeing.