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Movie Inspiration #3: Skyfall; Mission Derivative

Movie Inspiration #3: Skyfall, Mission Derivative

by Todd Secord.   Follow me on Twitter @ToddSecord

2012 was a really odd year for movies for me. Potentially, it should have been a bumper crop of never ending cinematic organisms but luckily I’ve trained myself not to get my expectations up tooooo high. For instance, Dark Knight Rises. Though flawed, it is still very entertaining, and could be forgiven since it was following arguably the best comic book movie thus far in its predecessor, Batman: Let’s remind Burton and Schumacher how much they can suck 2. I also loved the Avengers.

Unfortunately, after those two, Hollywood started to make it real easy to be cynical…

This is not a Wizard. Nor a dwarf. It’s a big rubber head.

Prometheus…beautiful, stylish and an absolute mess. Not a great year for Ridley so I’ll stop there. Then there was the Hobbit…wanted to love it, hoped to love it, but got really annoyed with it…and expectedly so. And lastly, and just as frustratingly, there was Skyfall.


Deja Vu Gaming Review: Top Secret Adventure: Lady in Distress

Deja Vu Gaming Review: Top Secret Adventure Lady in Distress

By Todd Secord      Follow me on Twitter @ToddSecord

In case you weren’t aware, The Crew’s very own James has a website called Nerd Tangent. Lately, aside from the regular posts about all things Nerd, James has us guest hosting on what we would like to think as the greatest recordings since the Peel Sessions. That is, we’re helping to contribute to James’ very own Podcast, aptly named the Nerd Tangent, which you can try out here (which presently consists of us talking to our buddy Monte Cook).

A podcast that was recently recorded with James, John, and I got me thinking about a particular Christmas memory that is about as nerd gaming as you can get…and culminated into this gaming review…








Happy Holidays from the Fiery Dragon Family!

Happy Holidays from the Fiery Dragon Family!

Salutations from JK, James, and Todd! A special nod to John, Claudio, Scott, and all our phenomenal friends that we have been blessed to know and share a laugh with in our time as FDP. You have overwhelmed us with your generosity and good will.  Also, we cannot forget our families and loved ones, not only for their support but for their well timed rolling of eyes every time we say or do something nerdy. In this we know we’re doing something right. None of this would be any fun without you!

We’re going to leave you with a little bit of holiday cheer that not only makes us here at Fiery Dragon feel good, we’re hoping it does the same for you too…

Movie Inspiration: Are you excited to see The Hobbit? Why not?

Movie Inspiration:  Are you excited to see The Hobbit? Why not? The Star Wars Effect and other Stuff.

By @ToddSecord

The Hobbit soon come.  It’s bizarre to me to think that within the week a film is opening, called The Hobbit, about The Hobbit, that really I know very little about.  Given all the fanfare and anticipation of the Lord of the Rings in the time leading up to that film, in comparison to The Hobbit you couldn’t tear me away from anything that had a picture or blurb on the subject.  And even after the initial relief of its success, the mania continued into the hope of the next two films.  For 4 to 5 years it was LotR awesomeness.  Time has passed since then, roughly 9 years in fact, and now The Hobbit is about to release and my attitude is pretty subdued, almost apathetic. Why then, in God’s green middle earth, is this?

Who the hell cares? is my first thought.  And then, upon further reflection, I guess it does matter as to why I could be so jaded as to not really be that interested.  I mean, for me.  You can continue reading if you like, but really, I need to sort this out here and now. But I don’t think I’m alone in this either.  Seriously, aside from the occasional TV commercial, there doesn’t seem to be that almost frightening level of intrusive buzz that is normally associated with this kind of thing.  Around Christmas even!  Some reasons as to why?