Deja View Review #2: 1st Level Dungeons of old and NeMoren’s Vault

by @Todd Secord and @1jamesbell and the Fiery Dragon Crew

What with the ongoing play testing of D&D Next the past few years, the most recent incarnation of the venerable Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Roleplaying Game, and now the result of that play testing – the impending release of new 5th edition set of rules – I have to say I’m feeling pretty excited and nostalgic about my favourite game.

D&D 5th Releases

D&D 5th Releases

As fans of D&D, we at Fiery Dragon have never experienced the snag of the “Edition Wars”, having enjoyed each version of the game for what it was trying to do in its own way. We have the luxury of being veteran players (and designers) and with that experience the understanding that things change. D&D has ALWAYS been a game about what you make it, not what you’re told it should be. Yes, we enjoyed 4th edition muchly, but I think it’s fair to say that the 3rd edition will forever be our home. I can assure you, if we ever get inducted into gamer Valhalla 3rd edition will be the team jersey we’ll chose to wear. Mostly, because it was 3rd edition and the promise of the Open Gaming Licence that inspired the inception of Fiery Dragon Productions. We were nothing more than a group of hot shot hobbyists back then, a bunch of gamers from the old school 70’s that had wives and families and responsibilities and a love for a game that never quite left our systems. As word of the OGL became solidified we quickly made plans to throw our hat in the ring, and that hat turned out to be our inaugural adventure product NeMoren’s Vault.

042_1339430505Designed to launch a RPG gaming company, NeMoren’s Vault turned out to be far more successful than we ever hoped for. From the fact that it was one of the earliest published adventures available to buy for the D20 System (right behind Atlas Games’ “Three Days to Kill” and Green Ronin’s “Death in Freeport”), to its two Ennie nominations (Best Adventure and Best Writing for @1jamesbell), to it being the platform that essentially launched our long line of counter products, it had garnered us a lot of attention. It paved the way for us to establish connections with highly recognized talent throughout the industry and propelled us forward as a creative force in our own right.  And all of this was achieved because at the heart of NeMoren’s Vault is a rather innocently crafted introductory adventure; a blend of the great 1st level dungeons that we grew up on, with a healthy dose of Fiery Dragon know how. Read more ›

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Kickstarter Update from Green Ronin

Kickstarter Update From Green Ronin…


The following is from Chris Pramas of Green Ronin…

Hello all,

Update time!

Fiery Dragon has turned over files to us, so the lion’s share of their work is done. Huge thanks to James Bell, Scott Holden, Todd Secord, and John Wilson for all the hard work they’ve put in on this project over the past year. We could not have done this book without Fiery Dragon so buy them beers if you see them at GenCon!

Right now GR’s graphic guru Hal Mangold is tightening up the files and working on art direction. Very soon now (likely next week), we’ll have a PDF with all the book’s content…

Further information can be found here!

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Movie Inspiration #4: The Matrix: Haters still Hate?

The Matrix: Haters still Hate?

By @Todd Secord

My history with The Matrix has always been a weird one. Back in 1999 I didn’t find the original particularly inspiring. I even remember being mad when it took best special effects at the Oscars. That year was also the Phantom Menace, and although you had a very shitty movie, the 2000 special effects shots it mustered, at the time, was an outstanding feat of movie making.

matrix vs star wars

Right after this moment is when the hope for an awesome Star Wars Prequel began to fade…

I mean, The Matrix’s slow-mo thingy was interesting, and later paved the way for Zach Snyder to use it and never give it back, but the Wachowskis’ film left me wondering what all the fuss was about.  Later, when the sequels came out I was indifferent to see them, somehow dismissing their merits because all of sudden so was everyone else. In fact, so complete was my disdain that I was verbally writing the films off to other people without actually having seen them. A big no-no for my personal nerd code, or maybe that was a dark time for me…maybe not a great year personally…and thus I was sufficiently distracted and pissy as to forget the wonder of nerdery for a time…

Matrix, Morpheus, Sword

Who needs a light saber when you have a katana? So friggin’ badass.

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Fantasy Illustrator, David A. Trampier 1954-2014

David Trampier: A little bit of ‘dis and DAT…

By @ToddSecord

Fantasy Illustrator, David A. Trampier 1954-2014

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 35 years now and it would be an understatement to say that every facet of the game has influenced my life in some way shape or form. Of this, the chief influence would likely be the fantasy art and artists that, in the early days of D&D, did much in the way of establishing the phenomenon of role-playing games as a whole.  So, given the recent passing of David A. Trampier (DAT, Tramp, “Wormy”), I can’t help but feel saddened and nostalgic.


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