By Todd Secord

Oh, fun times on Game Night.  Here, in the Great White North, “Game Night” could have a number of different meanings and associations.  First and foremost, it means hockey.  We Canadians have our sacred and culturally defining “Hockey Night in Canada,” televised on Saturdays, and generally the highlight of many a cold weekend night.  It’s a pretty rare thing indeed if you go through a Saturday night in Canada without coming across Hockey Night in Canada in some way, shape or form.  After the holiest of holies, believe it or not, at least in Toronto, the next big thing would be American Football.  Football is a Game Night (or day), usually meaning Sundays but also the occasional Monday night – because sometimes the Leafs games are televised Monday nights and there is a metronome-like action of flipping back and forth between sports.   After that, “Game Night” could mean a case of beer and video games, or a case of beer and a poker game,  OR, and rather happily so, a family gathering to play a board game of some kind, like Scrabble, or Monopoly, or hopefully something a little more interesting like Ticket to Ride. When you have a country that spends 6 to 8 months of the year in cool to downright bitchy cold weather, the concept of spending the night in with a game and friends becomes pretty important.

For us at Fiery Dragon, and our friends and family, Game Night means all of the above and more, and by more, you already know what I’m going to say if you’ve been scrolling through our site, or would even manage to stumble upon us by accident in the vast sprawl of the Internet… Yes, we play Dungeons and Dragons.  We play Heroclix.  We play Talisman.  We play anything and everything, because we spend our money, rather irresponsibly, on game after game after game.  And even when we don’t have money, we still find a way to acquire games, play them, drink by them, eat by them, argue over them, review them and when that’s not enough, buy expansion games for games we have yet to play.  We belong to this thing called Fiery Dragon Productions, and by the word Production, we also make and publish games.  We have our favourite stores we buy from locally, internet sites that we peruse for fun and fact about games and the gaming industry, and friends new and old that we have held down and injected with the fabled “Geek Serum.”  Mostly though, Game Night for us is a time to gather as friends and catch up socially on all the stuff of the past week, or of our lives, or anything else we might find interesting.  And when the conversation starts to go a little dry, we are suddenly reminded that we are in the middle of kicking the crap out of a bunch of orcs, and start rolling some dice.

So, we’ve devised a little something called “Gaming Night in Canada.” Maybe not the cleverest title to come from a Canadian, but it works for us because we think its hilarious.  And, we’re going to put pictures here, and the occasional video just to show how we do our do.  And maybe you can join in the fun, or totally steal our idea and start your own bullshit website.  And to those of you have done something similar, well, sorry but the internet is a big place.

First, the Crew:

JAMES:  James is awesome.  No, seriously.  At Fiery Dragon, if it wasn’t for James, only a few people would have heard of us rather than the bunch of people it grew to.  Speaking of bunches, James has worked on a bunch of stuff and is responsible for a bunch of stuff, all of which is great, and he makes us laugh and shit.  He’s way funnier than he looks, which means HE’S THE FUNNIEST MAN ON THE PLANET.  He also has a blog at .  Check it.

JK:  Backbone of the operation.  Lord High Executioner.  He may look all cute and cuddly in the picture, but in reality, this m*therf*cker is a killer. With JK around, nobody f*cks with us, and that’s how it should be.  Word to the wise, when he throws dice, he actually throws them, so duck.  And then wait for his war cry, “KERCHUNK!”

TODD:  C’est moi.  Just because I say “C’est moi” doesn’t mean I’m French or anything so fermez yer bouches.  I’m just me.  Like James, I do a bunch of stuff too, like the words I’m typing right now.  And no, I don’t have the Blu Ray Extended of LoTR.  Just the DVD version. I’m cool with it.

ROB:  A giant among men… literally.  Rob is a major, major geek.   Rob’s done shit none of us would dream of doing.  And if we did dream of it, Rob’s probably already done it.  Rob is surprisingly new to the whole gamer/geek thing, only 2 years fresh out of his chrysalis, and yet the man shits dice.  You go Rob!

KELLY:  Kelly is Rob’s girlfriend.  Her presence and passion for gaming bestows a certain level of cool upon us, even though we wouldn’t need her help for that anyway.  I mean, c’mon, look at this line up.  Kelly is easily the most vicious of the group, likely the most anti-social, and is only concerned with wining – or more specifically – crushing and humiliating everyone else.  And you’ve never seen anyone roll dice like her.  It was only recently that she rolled her first 1.

BOB:  He’s the Elf Ranger.  Need I say more?  Ok, I’ll explain.  Bob is the kind of guy that likes to stand away from the action, around the tree line, and shoot arrows, from a prescribed distance, at his friend’s enemies, who he can barely see anyway because they’re so far away from him.  In this respect, Bob’s character, the famed Diebold, never catches a cold.

JOHN:  John legitimizes his fear of success by hanging out with us.  John is a nerd’s nerd.  Yes, up front he loves his Deadpool comics and Star Wars novels, but with John, you know that he’s done stuff that would even make Rob cringe.  And that’s why we love him.  And he’s a black belt.  And he’s done stuff too.  But more importantly, when you put John and James in the same room, you experience a cross-dimensional Salvador Dali paradox that makes you want to thank time and space you had the childhood that you had and the childhood you will have.

MARIO:  More than just a name in a Beastie Boy lyric, Mario is that super geek that lurks around late at night, peering into the windows of gamer rooms to spy on other geeks while they paint War Hammer miniatures. Hurm.  I guess the real secret on Mario is that he’s this close to Breaking Bad and scrapping our melted body parts into a plastic bucket.  If adventuring was real, and I was exploring a dungeon with Mario, I’d make him go through the door first every single time.

Next Installment:  We Do What We Want…


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