Monster Medallions: Goblin Attack!

A tube full of terror!
Tired of playing with pennies or paper name tags? Frustrated with fellow players eating the candy that represented your orc hordes? Ready to stop using a miniature that’s “close enough?”The evolution of Fiery Dragon counters takes us to the next level in Deluxe Gaming Accessories – Monster Medallions. Plastic tabletop tokens designed to bring your characters to life.This set includes 60 monster medallions featuring a gang of goblins and their allies.  All at a 1-inch = 5-foot scale.  These 1″ medallions are also compatible with dry-erase markers (so you can track conditions, mark which ones are wounded, add names and notes) and also attractive to magnets (so you can use colored magnetic bases or use a magnet to pick them up and move them around the map).
$19.95 + shipping to Canada/USA. Sorry, we do not ship overseas.

60 Monsterr Medallions in one 8-inch plastic tube
Art by Claudio Pozas

Click here for more information on the Medallions, along with some art examples!



Medallion List

Goblins x 14 (acolyte, blackblade, cutter, hexer, spiderbound, sharpshooter x 2, skullcleaver, underboss, warrior x 5)
Bugbears x 6 (strangler, wardancer, warrior x 4)
Hobgoblins x 20 (archer x 3, commander, fleshcarver, grunt x 5, hand, soldier x 3, warcaster, warrior x 5)
Gremlin x 2 (deceiver, skulker)
Ogrekin x 4 (bludgeon, dreadnought, thug, warhulk)
Human Rabble x 8 (begger, blackhand, watcher, informant, boss, thug, cultist, shadowlord)
Wolf x 6 (grey x 3, winter, rime, snow)

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