Character Medallions

Bring your characters to life at the table.
Tired of playing with pennies or paper name tags?  Frustrated with fellow players eating the candy that represented your barbarian warrior?  Ready to stop using a miniature that’s “close enough?”The evolution of Fiery Dragon counters takes us to the next level in Deluxe Gaming Accessories – Character Medallions.  Plastic tabletop tokens designed to bring your characters to life.This set includes 75 character medallions featuring all of the essential fantasy races – human, halfling, elf, dwarf, and more.  All at a 1-inch = 5-foot scale.  Also included, 4 2-inch horses to carry your band of adventurers from dungeon to tavern and back again.

More than just adventurers, these Medallions are the perfect tool for a Game Master to bring important villains, citizens, and hirelings to the tabletop.

More than just tokens – these Medallions are also dry-erase reprenstations of your character – use the included dry-erase marker to note conditions like bloodied, blinded, weakened, etc.

All 80 Medallions, a red dry-erase marker, and a fabric storage bag in one deluxe package.  Bring even more to the table with Fiery Dragon Medallions!

$24.95 + shipping to Canada/USA. Sorry, we do not ship overseas.

75 Character Medallions
5 Horse Medallions
Includes a dry-erase marker (red)
Bonus: Fabric storage bag
Art by Claudio Pozas
Click here for more information on the Medallions, along with some art examples!

Medallions included:

Humans (male x 19, female x 6)
Dwarves (male x 3, female x 2)
Elves (male x 9, female x 3)
Halflings (male x 5, female x 3)
Dragonborn x 5
Drow (male x 3, female x 2)
Halfelf (male x 2, female x 2)
Halforc (male x 4, female x 2)
Tieflings (male x 2, female x 2)



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