Starship Tiles

Compatible with Miniatures, Counters and Medallions!
You don’t have to be a space captain or alien overlord to design your own starship!  Now you can build one in seconds with these Starship Tiles.  With more than 30 five-inch full-color cardstock tiles, you can layout a floorplan for your tabletop game.  With a 1-inch grid, you can set up the perfect environment for your sci-fi minis or future-themed rpg scenario.Includes 4 pages of pre-designed floorplans that you can build or use as inspiration to create hundreds of additional designs.  Each tile is geomorphic and can fit together multiple ways.

And, as a bonus, we’ve included two fold-out space-themed battlemats AND a set of plastic starship medallions to continue the action with some ship-to-ship combat.

$24.95 + shipping to Canada/USA. Sorry, we do not ship overseas.

Includes two fold-out 17″ x 22″ battlemats.
Starship medallions
More than 30 5-inch square geomorphic tiles

Art by Ed Bourelle

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