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The ultimate collection of tabletop token terrors!
The ultimate tabletop accessory products from Fiery Dragon, now together in one affordable bundle. Get Counter Collection: Heroic 1, Paragon 1, and Epic 1, containing full-color die-cut cardstock counters for every creature from the 1st core monster book…AND Counter Collection: Heroic 2, Paragon 2 and Epic 2 containing every creature from the 2nd core monster book…BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE:You’ll also receive Counter Collection: Heroic 3 and Paragon 3 containing every heroic- and paragon-tier monster from the third core monster book.

Make no mistake, this is a cardstock army!
Bring your tabletop fantasy battles to life with these EIGHT great products, and SAVE!

$150 + FREE SHIPPING! (normal price is $175.00 +  SHIPPING to Canada/USA.) Sorry, we do not ship overseas.

More than 80-pages of double-sided cardstock monster counters!
Includes multiple
 17″ x 22″  battlemats.
All art by Claudio Pozas

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