Fan Expo: An Alternate Reality

This past weekend saw Toronto play host to FAN EXPO 2009, an alternate reality where Stormtroopers and Ghost Busters rub shoulders with Naruto, Super Girl and Super Mario.

Our usual Gaming Calendar ends with the holy trek to GenCon – the Best Four Days in Gaming.  However, due to a variety of circumstances, this year was a no-go for GenCon.  Instead, we celebrated with our local convention, Fan Expo, which was created by amalgamating five different genre conventions – Comics, Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror and most recently, Gaming.  While our gaming world – tabletop boardgames and rpgs – isn’t really the focus of that fifth finger (video games are really the drive), we still share an interest in most of those topics and hoped to find other broad-minded fans at the show.

As always, for us, the best parts of any convention are the social aspect and the shopping!  You know how you have a favourite store or two in your local mall – imagine that you have 600 vendors all together that all cater to your interests.  It’s hard not to spend a few paycheques in a few hours.

Highlights from the show include:

A Saturday night of drinks and dinner and more drinks with new and old friends, discussing such diverse topics as The Secret Saturdays and Squid Lid.

During the show, we spent almost as much time at the Fun Games Cafe booth as our own.  Paul and Abby run a great online game store out of their house in the area, and between Jason, Todd and I, we all came out with new purchases.  During the show, Todd and Jason each picked up the latest version of the core Axis & Allies game, Todd grabbed the last copy of the new Middle Earth boardgame, and I finally got Dominion, a game that’s been on my must-have list for quite a while.
Additional finds included a few T-shirts, a personalized sketch of Jet Cat for my sister, and several excellent Star Wars and Comic-themed books from DK Publishing.

All in all, a great show this year, and a fine end to our Gaming Year.  Expect more stories to spin out of these events over the coming months, and new posts discussing our new friends on our website.

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One comment on “Fan Expo: An Alternate Reality
  1. fieryjames says:

    The best part of that video? Fiery Dragon’s own Todd appears at 4:24, just over the stormtroopers’ shoulder.