Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 Edition Box Set

Take That, You Fiend!
The classic fantasy roleplaying game continues with this expanded 7th Edition Box Set (noted as 7.5 Edition).  Updated and expanded, this box contains everything you need to get your Dungeon Delving career started in the Trollworld.
$35.00 + shipping to Canada/USA. Sorry, we do not ship overseas.


  • Version 7.5 of the rules [additional equipment and combat examples previous found only in PDF format as well as a new treasure generator by Ken St. Andre, and a Trollworld chronology]. 174 pages.
  • A GM-adventure ‘Hot Pursuit’
  • A solo adventure ‘Strange Destinies’
  • A color world map of Kaball for gm’s to use as a campaign base
  • A monstrous compendium, containing over 70 monsters
  • A spell compendium with many dozens of new spells
  • Special Edition Monsters & Magic book from 7.0 for completeness
  • Die-cut monster and PC counters mounted on 50pt cardstock
  • Several blank character sheets, easy to copy
  • 4 DICE!

    Tnt 7.5 Tnt 7.5

    Tnt 7.5 Tnt 7.5

    Tnt 7.5Tnt 7.5

    Tnt 7.5Tnt 7.5Tnt 7.5

    kaball map

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